Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

10 Class Punch Card

  • 10 Attendance Pack

Kids & Teens Summer Session 2018

  • 14 Attendance Pack

    July 9th through August 23rd. Mondays and Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm.
    This program is designed for Kids ages 10 and up. Our aim is to progressively increase body awareness, coordination, strength, balance and much more while making fitness fun! Our program is great on its own or can be a supplement to playing a sport.

Eastover Farm Summer - Week 1

  • 5 Attendance Pack

Eastover Farm Summer - Week 2

  • 5 Attendance Pack

Eastover Farm Summer - Both Weeks!

  • 10 Attendance Pack

Personal Training Packages

On-Ramp Program

  • 6 Attendance Pack

    Our Individualized On-Ramp Program that begins with a comprehensive Fitness Assessment and then introduces many of the exercises performed in our training program while focusing on addressing weaknesses identified during the Assessment.