Movement, Mobility and Strength Balance with Dr. Dersham

Movement, Mobility and Strength Balance with Dr. Dersham

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Dr. Todd is bringing his expertise as a Chiropractor and Active Life Coach to this Movement, Mobility and Strength Balance workshop. This special event is an in-house only workshop for Whaling City CrossFit members. Normally, a workshop like this would cost each attendee between $40 and $80, but we are offering this one time only for FREE!

Here's a description from Dr. Todd of what we will cover:

The workshop is centered around gaining knowledge for coaches and athletes. The seminar is a systematic approach to flexibility, mobility and strength balance assessment to keep you, the athlete, healthy, happy and training in the gym.

The seminar will cover:
  • Upper body and lower body flexibility and mobility assessment
  • When and why to use the assessment
  • How to modify movements in workouts based on the assessments
  • Strength testing - front to back, left to right, unilateral to bilateral
Education that will be covered:
  • Athletes hierarchy of needs
  • Tissue insult, irritation, injury, pain
  • Load vs. Capacity
We like to consider the Active Life as more of an education company that does strength and mobility programming. Our goal is to encourage coaches, owners, and athletes to become more aware of their own limitations and take action to correct these issues. These seminars, along with our coaches program, are designed to help the coaches implement the information they learn to help athletes stay happy and healthy.

Event Info:

Movement, Mobility and Strength Balance with Dr. Dersham

Date: April 7, 2018

Location: 475 Church St., New Bedford MA

Registration: $0.00

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